High cleaning performance. Less energy.
The EU Energy Label for vacuum cleaners.

In September 2014, it became mandatory for vacuum cleaners to have the EU energy label. The energy label offers an easy overview over energy class values (A-G), cleaning class on carpet and hard surfaces as well as noise and dust emission. Therefore, the energy label makes choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your personal needs so much easier. With the introduction of the new energy label, only those vacuum cleaners can enter the market, which have less than 1.600 watt power – since 01 September, 2017, less than 900 watt is mandatory.

The modern SPRINTUS-appliances meet these standards from 2017 and offer you convincing arguments for future biddings in regards to contract procurement and customer acquisition.

 The SPRiNTUS dry vacuum cleaners are characterized by their excellent suction power and efficient filtering. Throughout the production process, we keep our customer and the environment in mind and aim for a practical, compact and light design - our goal is to use minimal resources while maximizing ergonomics. We offer our customers high-quality, low-maintenance machines which are durable and recycable. Reductions of dust and noise emissions in combination with a variety of ergonomic production details allow for a more pleasant cleaning process for the user and his surroundings.

SPRiNTUS makes the difference.


How important is low energy consumption to you?

The upper part of the energy label informs about energy efficiency classes A+++ to D und about average energy consumption. Especially important for the buying choice is the cleaning class which is placed in the lower part of the label. The two comfort features, dust emission and sound power level, can also be found here.

1. Energy Efficiency
A lower power consumption is the largest lever for a good classification of energy efficiency. cleaning performance is hardly considered here.

2. Average annual energy consumption
Calculated for an average household with 87 square meters of living space and 50 cleaning operations per year. The actual value depends on the use of the device.

3. Sound Power
Specifies the noise level during operation under laboratory conditions.

4. Hard floor cleaning perf. class
Describes the dust intake of a dust-filled crack on a wooden ground.

5. Dust re-emission class
Indicates how clean the blast air is. Measured by the number of particles escaping with the blow-out air.

6. Carpet cleaning perf. class
Describes the dust intake from a standard carpet floor. Higher dust absorption results in reliable depth cleaning of the substrate.

SPRiNTUS lives sustainability

Sustainable thinking and acting is part of our keynote and business activities since the company was founded in 2006. Humans and the environment at a glance. An intact ecosystem is the basis of existence and thus the basis of any future-oriented company. Environmental protection is a key success factor for SPRiNTUS.


Environmental awareness is more value


Contamination and dirt in every form are our daily companions. SPRiNTUS offers well thought out and practical solutions to reduce or eliminate these companions efficiently.

Our extensive range of products makes it possible to choose the optimal ecological and economical solution. The device is also intended to make the user's work easier. Easy SPRiNTUS - the harmonious combination of ecology and economy.




Optimal use of resources


Responsible and sustainable management of resources are the top priority at SPRINTUS. As a highly innovative company, we have the necessary know-how.

This allows us to optimize the material, energy and water consumption very effectively and achieve a perfect cleaning result. Environmentally friendly at maximum quality.




Sustainability through longevity


For SPRiNTUS, your customer-specific requirements and needs are at the beginning of every product development. Innovative, long-lasting technology stands for investment security and a positive environmental balance.

Reliable mechanics combined with sophisticated electronics - this is what makes our products: the SPRINTUS path to success!




The whole thing in view


Already during design and development, we pay attention to a practical, compact and lightweight design for users and the environment. Minimal resource consumption and maximum ergonomics.

When it comes to production, SPRINTUS relies on high-quality materials and environmentally friendly materials. The user receives a high-quality device, which is not only low-maintenance, but also extremely durable and recyclable. The reduction of dust and noise emissions as well as our diverse ergonomic product details also play an important role. To make cleaning work pleasant for the user and his environment - SPRiNTUS makes the difference.