Dry vacuum cleaner with very low sound pressure level, excellent suction power and 13-litres container volume. Epa12 filter cartridge included.

Hotels, offices, clinics, nursing homes, and child care facilities. Powerful suction on all surfaces and well-suited for carpet cleaning with the Turbobrush attachment.

An extremely quiet dry vacuum with only minimal noise emission, the MAXIMUS is optimal for use during business hours. With an enormous suction power it allows for quick and comfortable work. Thanks to the built-in output regulator, suction power can be adjusted easily to the type of flooring. The base of the hose rotates 360°, preventing twists in the hose and reaching a radius of over 13 m. The 10 m power cord can be wound around the head of the vacuum or comfortably hung on the cable hook. The vacuum is also operational without the filter bag, due to it‘s included fleece filter basket.

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  • Dust-free waste disposal with the closable, 5-ply fleece filter bag
  • Comfortable, one-handed transport due to its light weight and compact dimensions
  • Convenient, foot-operated power button and parking position for the nozzle on the side of the device
  • High dust intake with the 280 mm combination nozzle
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers due to the included EPA12 filter cartridge
  • Extra long wheel base prevents tipping front
  • Rubber coated fixed back wheels and casters for silent running on tiles
  • Runner on the underside allows for a smooth crossing of thresholds
  • All-around elastic bumpers
  • High-quality extruding hose without the Memory-Effect
  • easy change of cable

Technical data

  • 230 V / 50 Hz

  • 700 W

  • 73 dB(A)

  • C

  • A

  • A

  • plastic

  • 13 litres (gross)

  • 9 litres

  • 10 m

  • 2,5 m

  • 32 mm

  • 32 mm

  • 4,8 kg

  • 29 x 40 x 40,5 cm

  • A

High cleaning performance. Less energy.
The EU Energy Label for vacuum cleaners.

The modern SPRINTUS-appliances already meet these standards of 2017 and offer you convincing arguments for future biddings in regards to contract procurement and customer acquisition.

The SPRiNTUS dry vacuum cleaners are characterized by their excellent suction power and efficient filtering. Throughout the production process, we keep our customer and the environment in mind and aim for a practical, compact and light design - our goal is to use minimal resources while maximizing ergonomics.

SPRiNTUS makes the difference.

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Equipment and accessories

MAXIMUS HEPA (Art.-No. 111.020)

incl. 2 x aluminium tube ø 32 mm, 2,5 m suction hose, fleece filter basket, 1 x Hepa13 fleece filter bag, Epa12 filter cartridge, crevice nozzle, combined upholstery/ furniture nozzle, energy combi nozzle 280 mm and signal red, pluggable 10 m power cord

Standard Accessories

0,5 m aluminium pipe, single


Suction hose complete 2,5 m


Combi nozzle 280 mm


Upholstery nozzle


Crevice nozzle


Fleece filter basket


EPA filter cartridge


Power cord, 10 m, plugable, red


Optional Accessories

Fleece filter bag (10 pcs.)


Fleece filter bag (250 pcs.)


HEPA13 fleece filter bag (10 pcs.)


Furniture nozzle


Fexible crevice nozzle 600 mm


Parquet brush 360 mm


Turbo brush 284 mm


Combi nozzle 306 mm


Telescope pole stainless steel


Power cord 15 m, plugable, black


Power cord 15 m, pluggable, red


Power cord 10 m, plugable, black


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